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Four Women dead in shooting at mall in Washington

WASHINGTON: Four women have been shot dead and a man critically injured at a shopping centre in Burlington. Police have released a picture of the suspected gunman, who fled the scene armed with a rifle.The motive for the attack is not clear.

New York bombing suspect captured in police shootout

NEW YORK:An "armed and dangerous" Afghan-born suspect wanted in the weekend bomb attacks in New York and New Jersey was wounded  in a shootout with police and taken into custody.

At least 25 wounded in New York City blast

NEW YORK:At least 25 people have been injured in an explosion in New York City. The cause of the explosion is unclear. It comes just hours after a pipe bomb exploded in a New Jersey town. Witnesses described seeing people run in all directions following the "incredibly loud" blast.

Obama cancels meeting with Philippines' Duterte after insult

VIENTIANE(Laos)-(REUTERS)U.S. President Barack Obama canceled what would have been his first meeting with Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte, a White House spokesman said, after Duterte described Obama as a "son of a bitch". Duterte, a plain-spoken populist known for his colorful remarks and his campaign against illegal drugs in which thousands of people have died, used the term in front of reporters, a day ahead of the planned meeting in Laos, where Southeast Asian leaders are meeti


ISLAMABAD:A senior doctor and Medical Officer of SZABMU (PIMS), has been Victimized by the JUI , chief  Maulana Fazal Ur Reman, due to his one video Which is now circulating on social media and Video was filmed By anonymous filmmaker through mobile phone when Maulana was admitted in PIMS for treatment of his stomach problem which was caused due to excessive eating of lavish food. 

"Today, security and counter-terrorism are the top priority for all Europeans”

PARIS:France and Germany have been made a decisive advances at European level for Counter-terrorism activities to save the precious life’s of the innocent people of France and other European countries. France and Germany have just put forward a series of joint proposals, Both country’s governments, hope that these proposals will be discussed during the Summit of the 27 Heads of State or Government to be held in Bratislava on 16 September this year.

Bangladesh hangs another top Jamaat-i-Islami leader over 'war crimes'

DHAKA:A leader and financial backer of the biggest Islamist party in Bangladesh has been executed for war crimes committed in 1971. Media tycoon Mir Quasem Ali, 63, of the Jamaat-e-Islami party, was sentenced to death two years ago.

'IS suicide bomber' kills 71 army recruits in Yemen

ADEN:(AFP) An Islamic State group militant rammed his explosives-laden car into an army recruiting centre in Aden Monday, killing 71 people in the deadliest militant attack on the Yemeni city in over a year.

The army, supported by a Saudi-led coalition, is training young recruits to join its nationwide war against Huthi rebels and their allies.

Donald Trump is a mad man and could blow up the world

WASHINGTON:(Nuzaira Azam)The US presidential Election 2016 continues to generate both interest and confusion. Adding a new dimension are reports and polls that both the candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are among the least popular major-party candidates ever to run for the White House.

13 killed in gun, bomb attack on American University in Kabul

KABUL: Therteen people, including seven students, were killed in an attack on the American University in Kabul. Two attackers were also shot dead by security forces nearly 10 hours after the assault began with an explosion. Kabul police chief Abdul Rahman Rahimi said seven students, three policemen and two security guards were killed during the attack. No group has so far claimed responsibility.